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Giving Back

We firmly believe in giving back to the community and in so doing, we hope to educate the children about making a positive contribution to their world.  Some of the greatest social changes have been brought about by people who have felt an obligation to make a positive contribution to their world.  Cultivating this sense of social responsibility in the children has, aside from the obvious benefit of being an investment in our future, a significant effect on their moral development. In addition, it broadens their perspective, encouraging them to think beyond themselves.  We encourage parents' active participation in our socially conscious projects as well.  Involving the family as a whole in socially conscious projects show that such values are expected by the parents to be a significant part of the moral development of their children. 

Caring for Cambodia

Little Oaks has been supporting Caring for Cambodia  since 2008. We were drawn to their mission and vision in helping to improve the lives of impoverished Cambodian children through education.  Today they support more than 6000 children in 21 schools. We continue to support their projects through our Easter Carnival, annual Bake Sales, silent auctions of books created by our children, as well as donations.  CFC has given us the opportunity to share the joy of giving with our little ones in such a meaningful way.  

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We have been working closely with St Margaret’s Secondary School since 2012 to provide work attachment opportunities at Little Oaks for their students, twice a year.  Students are given an insight into preschool teaching life and gain work experience through the interaction with our children and preparation of resources for our daily activities. Our children have benefitted from this collaboration and relish the opportunity to interact with these charming young ladies.  

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