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What To Buy In Vietnam Jewelry

If the jewels have existed from the start of history, it has taken on new dimensions and essence in Vietnam today. Whether you live in an ethnic minority hamlet, an old goldsmith community, or a large metropolis, the jewelry has unique interests and a rise in value.

what to buy in vietnam jewelry


There are various jewelry materials, ranging from gold, silver, platinum to white gold and diamond. The price varies from VND 350,000 (US$ 15) to VND 200,000,000 (US$ 9,000,000). You can choose from the list of 7 famous jewelry brands in Vietnam:

If you are a jewelry lover, Vietnam seems to be a treasure trove full of glittering bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and especially pearls produced here at attractive prices. Also, pearls are considered to be local jewelry in Vietnam, at reasonable prices.

Jewelry is always an evocative memory of distant travels. Discover earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings at local markets and streetside souvenir stalls. Woven bracelets are one of the more popular jewelry items to take home.

Many Vietnamese people invest in gold jewelry since it more predictably holds its value than the currency here. When they are ready to upgrade, they simply take the older piece into the shop, sell it back based on weight, and use that money to purchase a new piece.

Vietnam markets are the perfect place to fully embrace the beautifully blended traditional and modern local culture. These shopping destinations contain traditional goods like silks, jewelry, and handcrafts as well as cutting-edge fashion and styles.

Buying gemstones in Vietnam, or anywhere in the world, can be a daunting task. Identifying authentic stones for the right price, and finding the perfect match for a special gift often requires buyers to have some knowledge about gemstones and jewelry.

Know who you are buying for, and make your decision based on their personality. The consumer market for jewelry has two kinds of buyers. The first makes a purchase based on philosophies of feng shui, while the second type makes a decision solely based on style and design.

Another item that does well is our mixed set earring packages. They come with four pairs of earrings, resulting in twenty possible ways to mix and match the items. Women love to play around with different combinations of jewelry and fashion items as a way to customize their own look.

There are also lots of mom and pop shops in the Ben Thanh Center on Le Thanh Ton street, but I would only recommend this market to the experienced buyer. Ben Thanh Market is more for tourists and if you are uninformed you could easily buy a synthetic or heated stone. But, if you are educated about jewelry go ahead and see what you find!

With more than 346 branches in Vietnam. PNJ is one of the biggest and most reputable jewelry suppliers in Vietnam. With thousands of unique gorgeous designs and professional staff, you will be satisfied with the services at PNJ. You will be definitely attracted by the sparkling gems, shining precious metals in their showrooms. The PNJ products vary in materials, designs, sizes and prices, which aims to satisfy all customers regardless of their gender, background, and so on. Besides, if you are fascinated to own a super luxurious set of jewelry, PNJ stores are the most appropriate places for you to go. With many branches in the city, you can easily find the nearest place at: -tro-mua-hang/he-thong-cua-hang/Photo:

If you are looking for jewelry accessories at reasonable prices, BC Accessories is the best choice. With plentiful collections from local brands such as Forever21, H&M, Zara..., you will easily find some rings, necklaces, or bracelets that go with your fashion gout.

This young jewelry and gems group is one of the most favourite companies in the North and Central region of Vietnam. The unique feature of DOJI is that it was one of the pioneers in the field of professional gems mining and cutting in Vietnam. So, you will be able to own some best quality gems such as quartz, ruby, sapphire on your rings, pendants or earrings at DOJI.Photo:

Most major currencies can be changed in Vietnam. US Dollars can easily be changed in banks, hotels, airport money exchange stalls and jewelry shops. Other currencies including Euros, AUD and UK Pounds can be changed in banks.

Gold and Jewelry shops: You can go to the gold and jewelry stores, usually in red and gold colors, on every main street for better deals. With no fees, the exchange rate is considerably better than that in hotels, banks and airports.

The United States (X tons), Japan (X tons) and France (X tons) were the main destinations of jewelry exports from Vietnam, together accounting for 23% of total exports. These countries were followed by Sweden, Indonesia, Denmark, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong SAR, the UK, South Korea, Germany and Switzerland, which together accounted for a further 77%. Moreover, jewelry exports in the United States exceeded the figures recorded by the second-largest exporter, Japan, threefold.

In value terms, the United States ($X), Japan ($X) and France ($X) were the largest markets for jewelry exported from Vietnam worldwide, with a combined 23% share of total exports. Hong Kong SAR, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, Denmark, the UK, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland and Sweden lagged somewhat behind, together accounting for a further 77%.

Thailand (X tons), China (X tons) and Italy (X kg) were the main suppliers of jewelry imports to Vietnam, together accounting for 27% of total imports. Moreover, jewelry imports in Thailand exceeded the figures recorded by the second-largest supplier, China, twofold.

In value terms, South Korea ($X), Japan ($X) and Italy ($X) constituted the largest jewelry suppliers to Vietnam, with a combined 27% share of total imports. France, Thailand, China, the United States, Hong Kong SAR, Spain, Germany and Taiwan (Chinese) lagged somewhat behind, together accounting for a further 73%.

The first thing you must decide is whether you intend to buy custom designed jewelry or the factories standard designs. Assuming you opt for the latter, you can either select products directly from their websites or request their latest product catalog.

Established in 1988, Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint-Stock Company is the leading jewelry manufacturer in Vietnam that specializes in producing gold and silver jewelry. As ranked the 3rd largest jewelry company in the world and Top 500 retailers in Asia, PNJ is committed to providing the highest quality with a reasonable price to customers.

Being one of the most prestigious jewelry shops in the old quarter of Hoi An, Bien Bac Jewellery was established back in 1997. To many customers including both locals and international tourists, Bien Bac Jewellery has gradually experienced growth in recognition year after year.

Quoc An sources their raw materials from the most reputable suppliers and only use exclusive materials for their jewelry in order to maintain their professional and high-quality on products. All specialists from the wholesale department are experts in jewelry sales, trained in gemology, and familiar with jewelry production techniques.

Considered as one of the biggest trade show in the jewelry industry in Vietnam. The Vietnam International Jewelry Fair 2019 will be held at Phu Tho Exhibition Center (221 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, District 11, Ho Chi Minh city) from November 14th to 18th this year.

For people who want to expand their jewelry business, it is beneficial to let your customers have direct access to your products without just surfing on the internet or asking on phone. For customers, this event is considered a reliable site for international and domestic jewelry manufacturers and traders, and more importantly, it is less time consuming whilst you can compare different companies at once.

We are looking for factories in Vietnam to make jewelry with stone beads, leather and sterling silver. We are based in the USA and would appreciate any help. Also, if we could find a quality control and sourcing agent for this project that would be very helpful. We have looked on Alibaba but found very few suppliers in Vietnam.

We are looking for jewelry factories and manufacturing companies in Vietnam particularly Gem stones, Mother of Pearl, Drussy and Dichroic glass stones. We source for an American Jewelry brand, Kendra Scott and we are looking to diversify sources outside of China. Could you please help advise where I could get hold of a list for the information we are looking for. Thank you.

The jewelry is a collaborative effort that engages artisans, consumers, and aid workers in a relationship that helps raise awareness and gradually solve the problem of UXO in Laos. The proceeds from Article 22 sales alone have cleared over 200,000 square meters of land.

Are you looking for some jewelry to match your new clothes, shoes and bags? You can find a wide range of jewelry (both from silver/ gold or plastic/ other materials) in Hoi An: rings, necklaces, bracelets and charms. If you are looking for cheaper options, take a stroll in the Hoi An Night Market and you will not be disappointed.

When these creatures die, nothing goes to waste - everything is repurposed. The water buffaloes provide families with meat for hearty Vietnamese dishes, beautiful leather for luxurious handbags and clothing, and elegant jewelry and accessories through their bones and horns.

Today, many jewelry and accessories made of buffalo horns come from the water buffaloes in the mountainous provinces of Cao Bang, Lao Cai, Ha Giang in Vietnam, as well as Laos, Cambodia and other countries in Africa.

Jessica is designing stunning and sustainable pieces! Hathorway jewelry is beautiful, simple yet unique. Everything is aesthetic, from the jewelry itself to the packaging to the handwritten empowering notes written on wildflower seed paper (which is compostable and recyclable!!!).

There is so much I admire about this ethical brand. Hathorway handcrafts their jewelry with natural, sustainable and repurposed materials, and 10% of all profit is donated to initiatives and organizations that empowers women! I'm all about this! 041b061a72


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