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[S1E17] Ruler

Meanwhile, at Cranky's Cabin, Diddy Kong is admiring his reflection in the Crystal Coconut and Donkey Kong is searching Cranky's fridge for a banana cream pie, asking Cranky after a failed search. Cranky is annoyed, and closes the case containing the Crystal Coconut, telling Diddy that it isn't a toy. The case closes on Diddy's finger, but the coconut reveals itself again and heals him. Diddy is surprised by this, and Donkey Kong asks Cranky about the other abilities the coconut contains, but Cranky tells them that no one person knows all the mysteries contained by the coconut. He then asks the Kongs to leave, but Diddy informs him that they "can't sleep without a bedtime story," and requests that he tell them the legend of the Crystal Coconut. Cranky does so, but abridges the story so they will leave sooner. DK questions why Inka Dinka Doo chose him to be the future ruler of the island, but Cranky cannot answer this either. He then states that he should know the secrets of the Crystal Coconut, being future ruler, but Cranky informs him that Inka Dinka Doo will tell him this when he is ready, and demands that the two apes go home. On their way, Diddy Kong jokingly asks if he thinks "Cranky brushes his teeth before or after he takes them out," but Donkey simply tells Diddy that there is a lot he doesn't know. Diddy tells him he will know in time, but DK wants the answers now.

[S1E17] Ruler

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Cranky returns to his physical form, and is surprised to see that he is at Inka Dinka Doo's chamber. Diddy explains that he wanted to hide the coconut in a place the pirates would never think of when Green Kroc and Kutlass arrive. Diddy is about to hand them the coconut when Donkey Kong arrives and threatens the pirates to back off. However, at that moment, Skurvy arrives. Kutlass and Green Kroc once again threaten Diddy, but he throws the coconut away and runs, with the pirates running after him. Cranky Kong yells at him again, stating that the entire mess is his fault, and Skurvy demands the coconut. Both throw banter at each other, with Skurvy at one point insulting DK's status as future ruler of the island, which leads Donkey Kong to throwing the Crystal Coconut at his face, knocking his tooth out. He has the coconut, but he notices his toothache is gone. Cranky then tells him that, according to his oath, he owes DK a favor. Skurvy attempts to deny this, but Cranky forces him to owe him the favor. Donkey Kong uses the favor to request for a magazine, but is reminded by Cranky that he has the coconut. He gets the coconut back, and Skurvy states that he will return before leaving. Cranky then commends him for resolving the entire situation, and, before leaving, Donkey Kong tells Inka Dinka Doo that he will be back; the idol simply replies, "Whatever." 041b061a72


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