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Death - The Deluxe Edition (2022 Edition) вЂ

A limited edition reissue of 2000 for RSD 2014; completely remastered discography of this phenomenal yet humble early- mid 80's hardcore/Thrash Metal band. This is a special RSD 2014 reissue with DVD containing COMPLETELY UNRELEASED footage

Death - The Deluxe Edition (2022 Edition) …

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Take a trip into space with musicians Howe Gelb, Neko Case, Victoria Williams, John Covertino (Calexico), and many more in this limited edition 7 inch vinyl. Includes songs Satellite of Love, Mars Cassette Waltz, and Untethered Space Walk from the award winning animation comedy film Mars (Starring Mark Duplass of The League and Safety Not Guaranteed).

"Circles" is the first single from KLUDGE the upcoming PUJOL release, in stores this May. The b-side is non-album track "Egyptian Afterlife". Limited edition of 1000."Circles"/"Egyptian Afterlife"

Sun Ra's orchestra was at its most radical during this period, alternating simple chants with very outside playing and dense ensembles. Remastered and pressed on vinyl for the first time in over three decades, this limited edition Record Store Day title will feature a psychedelic color LP and exclusive cover art.

This limited edition split single series celebrates the launch of Easy Sound Recording Company, a new indie/folk label. Presented in chipboard jackets with die-cut large center holes, these 7" releases mark selection #s 1, 2, and 3 from the new label and collect unreleased recordings from each of the label's 6 'founding' artists (Vetiver, Howlin Rain, The Donkeys, Papercuts, Rodrigo Amarante, and Eric D. Johnson of Fruit Bats/Shins fame). These titles will be collectible as a group and share a common artwork concept. 041b061a72


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