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Buy Cheap Land In America

In the Northwest in areas like Grouse Creek, you can sometimes find parcels for sale for as low as $150 per acre. At times, in central Oregon, parcels come on the market for $350-$750 per acre outside cities such as Delta and Fillmore. In the South, you can find land in areas like Beryl for $375-$600 per acre.

buy cheap land in america


So we went and parsed through several of the most dominant land listing websites including LandWatch, Land and Farm, Lands of America, LandFlip, and Zillow. We took the most recent price per acre data they had available and collected it here for easy pickings for you.

For acreage size, we chose to use 1 acre and 5 acres as examples. We had to choose a way to normalize across the websites and data provided. So we examined 1 acre and 5 acres. These also seem to be the most popular size requests from our customers (people who buy land from us) and I figured it would be the most helpful for you here.

Some great news for you here is that at Compass Land USA, we do a lot of work in Colorado, Arizona, and Florida. So make sure you check out our website for all our current listings.

People purchase land for many reasons. Land can be used for residential real estate, commercial real estate, farming, or left alone to appreciate and let nature roam. Some people purchase land to start a homestead, build a custom home, build apartment complexes, start farms, or have their personal space.

In several states, local governments are actively giving away land to be used for homesteading or small farms. Their goal is to hopefully create an industry with farming, which will attract more people into small towns and expand jobs in the area. Some of these towns include:

But after the pandemic struck, the cost of real estate soared. It became a seller's market that buyers could only hope to survive. The value of land, regardless of its condition, increased dramatically. So, when looking at average costs of acres across the United States, be sure to look for references that are recent. performed a study that took a look at the median prices per acre in 2021 and found that Arizona had the cheapest median cost per acre, at $4,164. The data includes the price of land with existing homes and the cost of land designated as a homesite were also included so that you can have some comparison.

GOBankingRates used LandWatch, an online rural property listing service, to identify parcels of land selling for $10,000 or less. Listings of less than 0.1 acres were excluded. The listings were then ranked by price per acre to determine the 50 cheapest places to buy land in America.

If you are in the market to buy land, be aware that getting a land loan can be more difficult to get than a traditional mortgage for a home. However, many prices on this list are so low that you might not even need a loan to purchase the property.

Methodology: To determine the cheapest places to buy land in America, GOBankingRates used Land Watch to find all active U.S. land listings at a maximum price of $10,000 and compiled the county, state and price data per listing, eliminating duplicates, as well as listings of less than 0.1 acres. The listings were then ranked by price per acre. The data in this study was compiled and is accurate as of Oct. 22, 2019.

Buying land for the purpose of building a home and connecting with the community is a dream for many investors. From families looking to build their dream homes to retirees looking for their own space to enjoy the next chapter of their lives, cheap residential land can make building your dream home a reality.

Tennessee, Arkansas, and West Virginia consistently rank as the cheapest places to buy residential land. Tennessee offers diverse geography, from mountains and lakes to acres of rural flat ground, and of course the iconic landmarks and attractions like Graceland and Nashville, the heart of country music. Based on Network listing data, the average price for residential land in states like Tennessee, Arkansas and West Virginia falls about 30 to 40 percent below the median average-price per acre for land listed for sale nationwide.

Hi Diana,May I know what is the best place to buy tropical fruit orchard land of about 20 to 30 acres and per acre average price to pay?You may also reply on mkparekh@yahoo.comThanks in advance.Mukesh

Thanks for sharing this information, this is what I was exactly looking for. During reading your article I searched for owner financing property for sale in Missouri and I got to know about Ozarkland, and now it becomes easy to get more details about there properties in Missouri. Now I know where I can buy the best and cheap land by the owner.

It was helpful when you mentioned that we can use Google Earth to better view the terrain and measure property boundaries accurately. My husband and I want to buy some acreage of land within the next month or so so we can start building a custom vacation home. Your article provided some great resources we can use to evaluate potential plots of land, so thanks for sharing!

The United States is known for its big, advancing cities like Charlotte, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Buying land in a growing city is always a great choice, but there are many states with land for sale where you will be happy with your purchase. Looking for land for sale can be intimidating, but there are so many perks to owning your own land. When you are searching for land to buy, there are some important factors to consider. These include what you are looking to buy land for, how much land you want to buy, and how much you want to spend on your land purchase. When it comes to the location, you may want to compare the industries in each area as well as the population and economic growth.

Of course, the United States consists of 50 beautiful states that are all unique and desirable. Believe it or not, we have 9 particular states that are currently the best places to buy land. Buying land in these specific states will give you great potential for success and change your life for the better!

Full of sunshine and fun, Florida is a wonderful state to look for land for sale. If you are looking for a place full of outdoor activities and beautiful weather, then Florida is the state for you. The average number of sunny days in this state is 237! We could get used to that!

Disney World is in Orlando, FL and it is top destination for tourists. Adding to that, there are many gorgeous beaches to visit. The state is a popular vacation destination and somewhere land will always increase in value.

There are beautiful parks, gardens, and mountains surrounding Arkansas for you to enjoy. Not to mention, the wonderful wildlife refugees to visit! You will never run out of things to explore in this wonderful state. And to top it all off, Arkansas land is cheap, starting under $8,000 per acre. What are you waiting for?

Tennessee has a variety of landscapes. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the top visited national parks in America. Tennessee is continuously growing, especially cities like Memphis and Nashville. Besides its natural beauty and its varying cultures, the state has a low cost of living as well. Tennessee is somewhere you want to be with one of the lowest costs of livings at 88.7 out of the average 100.

Oregon ranks in the top ten when it comes to the fastest growing states in the United States. There are wonderful opportunities for employment in the state as well as breathtaking scenery to explore. Buying land in the state will give you the pride of ownership now while the value continues to grow in the future.

Although Oregon is a great place to invest in land, it is important to recognize the impact on the cost of living. The state was impacted from current events and the cost of living increased to 134.6 out of the national average of 100.

Enjoy the endless mountains and land for sale in West Virginia. This state is one of the cheapest places to buy land in currently. If you enjoy off roading, biking, and hiking then West Virginia is for you.

Land in Kentucky is its most valuable asset. Particularly, the city of Lexington is booming when it comes to land for sale. Lexington is the fastest growing city in the state of Kentucky. Enjoy the stunning scenery of the state as well as a wonderful, economic opportunity.

If you are looking to create a farm or a ranch, Texas is the state you should focus on. One of the main reasons people buy land in the state for farming purposes is due to property tax exemptions. You may qualify if you use your land for agriculture and wildlife preservation.

President Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act on May 20, 1862. On January 1, 1863, Daniel Freeman made the first claim under the Act, which gave citizens or future citizens up to 160 acres of public land provided they live on it, improve it, and pay a small registration fee. The Government granted more than 270 million acres of land while the law was in effect. Read more...

The distribution of Government lands had been an issue since the Revolutionary War. At the time of the Articles of Confederation, the major controversy related to land measurement and pricing. Early methods for allocating unsettled land outside the original 13 colonies were arbitrary and chaotic. Boundaries were established by stepping off plots from geographical landmarks. As a result, overlapping claims and border disputes were common.

The Land Ordinance of 1785 finally implemented a standardized system of Federal land surveys that eased boundary conflicts. Using astronomical starting points, territory was divided into a 6-mile square called a township prior to settlement. The township was divided into 36 sections, each measuring 1 square mile or 640 acres each. Sale of public land was viewed as a means to generate revenue for the Government rather than as a way to encourage settlement. Initially, an individual was required to purchase a full section of land at the cost of $1 per acre for 640 acres. The investment needed to purchase these large plots and the massive amount of physical labor required to clear the land for agriculture were often insurmountable obstacles. 041b061a72


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