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Kung Fu Hustle Tagalog Version Movie ^HOT^

the fighting in this movie is really cool. not as fast as in enter the dragon, but close. the choreography is beautiful, and clearly wasn't improvised as much as in shaolin soccer. at least one of the combatants has clearly practiced with a lot of animals, and can do flips and tricks really well. it looks like a lot of fun, and a great way to pass some time. that's what this movie is really about. superhighlights include that hook-and-slash dance and a bit of crab ducking. little things like that make this movie more fun than the action of a lot of movies.

kung fu hustle tagalog version movie

of course, the idea of a gang of "asian action stars" donning tuxedos to knock off muggers in a movie is kind of silly: somebody would get hurt too often. but the whole film is great anyway. it's rated pg-13, because they're already assuming that all of us are kiddies. so they make pg-13 jokes about getting hot inside the costumes. for instance, when the beast brings along a lady friend to prove that he's no wimp. this scene is hilarious and refreshingly sophisticated. everybody is in full control here, and the comedy comes from the way they play off each other and the ridiculous nature of the premise, not from the fights themselves. in fact, the beast's fight with sing is cute. he's so bummed out about it that he steals a bicycle and runs away when he's not chasing sing. later, he comes back, changes into a muscle-tee and does some kung fu. this movie is funny in a deep sort of way, because it does sound like it's just a concept in development, but then some of the things it ends up doing have been done by some of the greatest filmmakers ever, so it just seems to have an effect like water. a great flick, and it's a pity that it just didn't open in the us because it's got a great soundtrack and fantastic choreography, complete with some inspired editing by yuen woo ping. it feels like it could have been a mainstream flick if the right people had been at the helm.


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