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Pretty Warrior May Cry 2.3 UPDATED

the tower's systems were emblazoned with a pentagram in blood, with a combination of the source's personal insignia and the symbol of the waking sands overlaid. in a cavernous room at the bottom of the tower, the source and the warrior of darkness engaged in battle. the source used the strength of his divine charisma to inflict various magicks on the warrior, but the warrior of darkness countered the magick with his own magick of strength. the two paused to watch one another. the source had no advantage, having fled his home to be close to the tower, while the warrior of darkness had been active in the tower for a very long time. they paused for a moment.

Pretty Warrior May Cry 2.3

after several eons, the warrior of darkness launched a flurry of blows that would have killed a lesser being. the source absorbed them, but the other warrior continued his assault. "before you, i was just a shadow of existence. now i am pure life, pure energy. i was designed to destroy your type, but i am beginning to enjoy the fight. how satisfying it is to finally face someone you know you will destroy." the warrior paused briefly before his next attack. "i must say, i am impressed by your power, but i knew you would not be able to withstand my attack." the warrior of darkness unleashed a furious onslaught of blows that would have disabled a lesser being.

the source then unleashed a wave of magicks that would have destroyed the warrior. the warrior of darkness parried the blows, then launched a devastating counterattack that would have killed a lesser being. the source was soon rendered unconscious. he returned to consciousness, and his body began to reabsorb the magick his foes were inflicting on him. he appeared to have lost his powers, but he was still alive.


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