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[S3E22] She's Got Us

This case was tragic, and it is hard to imagine the pain Polly is facing. To be so young and to lose her entire family in such a violent manner is something that will stay with her forever. She's going to need lots of therapy. It's also a good thing she's moving to St. Louis. She needs a fresh start.

[S3E22] She's Got Us

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Amethyst, startled that Jasper knew she was there when she was trying to be sneaky, falls off her ledge and brazenly declares she's here for a rematch. Jasper is willing enough to fight even though she's obviously not changed her opinion of Amethyst as a runt not worth her time.

In the car, Rachel eventually stops and pulls into a layby as Cooper gets out yelling at her asking if she wants to kill her and if she's stupid as Rachel tells him she must be for falling in love with him. Cooper tells her he did like her, but he was not wanting to get serious and thought she didn't either, but Rachel notices the past tense and begins to cry, calling herself stupid. Cooper offers to take her back to the ceremony because she has her purse there and they can pretend like it never happened. Back at the ceremony, Haley and Nathan are forced to leave in their car due to their limo being stole, and they set off to London for their honeymoon. Brooke tells Mouth about Rachel going off with Cooper as Lucas approaches and asks to finish the conversation, but Brooke just asks to dance and asks why he didn't call and if he didn't miss her. Lucas assures her he did and it was just because he was angry. Haley and Nathan are driving away happily. With purple flowers in her hands, she puts the bracelet on Nathan saying 'don't say I never gave you anything.' Back at the ceremony, Lucas tells Peyton he told Brooke about the kiss as he goes to find his mom's purse to go home. As he goes in one of the identical bag, he finds a pregnancy test and asks his mom if she is pregnant, and Karen tells him she is, but that isn't her purse and thinks Brooke may have mixed up the purses, meaning she might be pregnant.

After all, Summer points out: "48 hours ago you were definitely Newport's answer to Courtney Love... Baby steps". Marissa seems to get her friend's point. Thank God.Greetings time. Julie tells Marissa she would love to go with her: "I could pretend to be part of your entourage, or your Scientology guide!". Marissa assures her she's going to be fine. That's not a shocker for Julie because she knows: "Cooper girls do have nine lives."As soon as girls have gone, Neil invites Julie to go to a working dinner (or better, a hospital benefit) with him and, in the end, she accepts.

In the X-Pit, Helga asks about the "Anti-Life Equation". Gretchen explains that it is a formula of life without free will. But in order to work, the formula must be tested. Before Helga can react, Gretchen shoves her out of their protective cube. Helga begins to scream with pain. Violet uses her healing aura to reduce the pain, but as it's repolarized it also subjecting Helga to the Anti-Life Equation. Gretchen takes it as another sign that Violet's organics are the answer to Anti-Life, since she's connected to the source of all life as a Motherbox, but as she's possessing an organic body she doesn't have the technological safeguards that Metron installed into the non-organic Motherboxes and FatherBoxes, allowing for the Ghost Dimension of the X-Pit to repolarize her.

Intelligence is in pursuit of Derek Keyes, number one on Chicago's Most Wanted list and heroin kingpin. Meanwhile, Halstead tries to get through to Lindsay as her downward spiral continues after her three-week absence from the unit. At District, Olinsky opens up to Platt about a secret from his past. Roman expresses his concerns to Burgess about what she's getting into by marrying Ruzek.

While out on a bank run for his off-duty security job at the dispensary, Halstead and his co-workers find themselves under attack by a violent robbery crew which quickly becomes a full-scale shootout. Voight and Lindsay question the owner of the dispensary who mentions her business has received threats from local gangs upset she's cutting into their revenue. Meanwhile Roman, Burgess, Antonio, Halstead, Ruzek and Atwater follow-up on a lead and track down a potential suspect.

Back in John's vision, he is listening to Aeryn and his dad talking, and she tells Jack that she's miserable here and John just doesn't see it, and she wonders when he's going to wake up. He says he is awake, and in reality Aeryn pulls him up. She tells John that Moya can't beat the rogue, but they can't convince Moya to leave, so Rygel and Chiana are trying to convince her. The old woman, now tied up, again offers to help, but John again asks who she is.

Dance Moms returns after a break not only for the girls, butfor the viewers as well. Abby expects them all to be AMAZING in their returnfor a new season, especially after losing to Candy Apples at the finalcompetition for last season. She's angry. And she's gonna let everyone know it.

So how do the girls stack up for pyramid? Well, to start,Asia's not around this week - she had a professional opportunity Abby wantedher to take advantage of in Los Angeles. Kendall's at the bottom and stillgetting called out for crying, Mackenzie's still getting compared to Asia, andNia joins them for getting corrected ELEVEN times. Brooke is still middle ofthe road with Chloe and Asia, who, as Christi points out, isn't even in thestate. Paige is up there too, for confronting grown ups. Just in case you (orPaige, or anyone else) have forgotten, Anthony and Candy Apple Cathy had a lotto say about Paige's routine, and Abby uses it as an opportunity to tell thegirls that she's the only one allowed to yell at them. Something tells me Paigeshouldn't bother standing up to her anytime soon! Of course, Maddie is at thetop of the pyramid for beating kids several years older than she is.

Candy Apple Cathy wants to become a force to be reckonedwith in the dance world, but she's got a little problem - her boys have beentexting the girls, telling them they want to dance for ALDC. WHATA SCANDAL! (Note: This seems to be a recurring theme tonight. Get used to it.)Cathy has intel that Gino has been texting Maddie and, maybe, might just have acrush on her. Uh oh!

Abby's got advice for Paige too: she's skinny, she's blonde,and she's pretty, so people are going to hate her. Abby seems to genuinely wanther to do well with the solo, but Kelly is annoyed that she isn't in the grouproutine. Speaking of the group routine, Maddie denies kissing anyone, and Abbywants to make sure everyone understands that "boys are OFF LIMITS at the AbbyLee Dance Company!"

The Dance Moms are warned by Abby to behave or risk theirdaughters' removal. Holly tries to make things better by telling Kelly thatshe's a good friend, but Kelly doesn't want to hear it. She startshyperventilating and declares, "I'm done."

Brooke agrees to Kevin's (very awkward thanks to Abby)invitation for a date, but she's not looking for a boyfriend at dance. "Thatjust means I'd be at the studio more," she explains. Good point, Brooke.

Then Kevin gets cannoli on Brooke's face (which I'm positivewas not encouraged by production at ALL because obviously all 17 year old boyson dates with 15 year old girls would immediately think, "hey, it's a good ideafor me to smear food on this girl's face!"). It's a good thing she's with themature dancers now, isn't it?

Despite feuding mothers and dates and fighting dads andchoreographers, somehow everyone still manages to show up ready to compete inPittsburgh. The duets are up first, with Maddie and Chloe taking the stagefirst. They're perfect together, which no sign of the issues they had in earlyrehearsals. Melissa describes them as dancing "like mirrors," and she's right.Zach and Geno perform Anthony's tribute to his father, and it is a verytouching routine but Abby's not impressed.

And then it's time for the group routines. In the hallway onthe way to the stage, ALDC and the Candy Apples encounter each other, whichnever ends well. Is it kind of old for anyone else? But there's a new twistthis time - while Cathy trades barbs with Jill, no one from her team backs herup. And she's not happy about that. She asks her parents why none of them hadanything to say, and one of the moms stands firm that they won't get involvedwhen there are children present. That doesn't fly with Cathy - she's willing tocut them from the team for it!

The episode begins with Georgina, dressed in a large coat and a blonde wig, arriving at Grand Central Station. At the VDW's, Lily tries to comfort Rufus about having problems with Jenny. She asks if she is in her room, but he replies he sent her to stay with Dan at the loft. Lily is worried that sending her away would hurt Eric, but he comes in and says he doesn't care if they send her away. At The Empire, Jenny sits in Nate's bed waiting for him to wake up. She thanks him for letting her stay and listening, and he says he's always there for her but doesn't like her in any romantic way. She replies that she knows, then asks if he's heard from Serena. He answers that she's mad and needs time to cool off. Chuck enters the room and says he figured Jenny stayed over because Nate was asleep at 2 AM and New Moon was purchased on pay per view. After she goes to get dressed, Chuck warns Nate not to crack the thin ice he and Serena are on, then explains he's about to fix his relationship.

At the Waldorf's, Eleanor and Cyrus are in town, planning to head back to Paris as soon as a heavily pregnant Dorota gives birth. Cyrus asks Blair what her plans are, and she says she plans to spend the day with Cameron and far away from The Empire State Building. He asks what that has to do with anything, and she says she watched An Affair to Remember and it gave her nightmares. Blair goes to get steamed milk from the kitchen and drags Dorota with her. On the way, she explains that she wants her to chaperone her date with Cameron to make sure she doesn't go near The Empire State Building due to Chuck's deadline. She asks if she's sure about losing Chuck forever, and Blair says she is. Back at The Empire, Georgina arrives in Chuck's suite to ask for help, since Russians are after her. He ignores her, and goes to escort her from the hotel. Meanwhile, Jenny arrives at the loft and finds Dan and Serena sleeping in his bed together. She takes a picture and sends it to Gossip Girl. Right after, Dan is awoken by Nate calling. Serena then wakes up and gets ready to leave. They agree that the night before was a mistake, including the kiss they shared. They also decide not to tell anyone what happened, and she leaves. At the Waldorf's, Blair receives the blast with the picture before she leaves. At The Empire, Nate and Chuck also receive the blast. At the loft, Dan sees the blast, then spots a take out coffee cup with Jenny's name on the side. In a cab, Serena sees the blast and tells the driver to take her to The Empire right away. On the way, she calls Blair who tells her she shouldn't be revisiting her past relationship. Serena says that the photo was clearly taken by Jenny and that she should just stay in Brooklyn and leave them all alone. When they hang up, Blair sees a newspaper with a headline about The Empire State building turning 80. She decides to leave the island, and asks Cameron if their date can take a detour. At the VDW's, Dan arrives and receives a call from Serena. She fills him in on her side of things and her plan to talk to Nate, and he agrees. When they hang up, Rufus comes downstairs and says even he saw the blast. Dan asks if Jenny is around, and Rufus says that he thought Jenny was with him. Dan says she didn't come to the loft all night, and that she is out of control. They agree to wait for her at the loft. 041b061a72


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