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Do you remember when our parents used to read us stories during the leisure period or before bedtime? As parents ourselves in the 21st century, we have become so swamped that we hardly get time to read stories to our little ones. But you must know that reading storybooks to kids have many benefits. So, here is the best list of storybooks online that you can read out to your little one, whether at bedtime or during the day!


While drawing in class, Cal, a 12-year-old student at Stanwood School, observes a frog staring at him through the glass. The actuality that this frog is wearing spectacles is even weirder. Cal and his best friend, Soy, investigate that the frog known as Deli has shown up to them for a reason. Filled with mystery, action & much more, this storybook promises heaps of fun to your little ones!This story is recommended for elementary school students.Read it here

Carmen, a rather mean and demanding cat, is distraught when a new family member arrives. She is even more upset when a very active kitten joins the household. A beautifully illustrated story with rhymed text that demonstrates the benefits of treating pets with love and patience.A story for kids of ages 5-10Read here

When the great owl is struck by a mysterious illness, Topaz and his companions enter a forbidden land to search for the stolen magical cure. This story is sure to keep young readers turning pages from beginning to end.

This is a story about a little boy who loves all the things that can fly. It will undoubtedly make your kids wish for a pair of wings & give them the confidence to fly in life.A story for elementary school studentsRead here

This is the fantastic story of a buzzy bee, who is unlike any other and travels out at night searching for a delectable flower.Suitable for ages 3-5Read here

Vooks is an entire library of storybooks brought to life with beautiful animation, read-aloud narration, engaging music and sound, and read-along text. We're educational, safe, and ad-free screen time that inspires a lifelong love of reading!

These picture book titles spark the imaginations of our littlest readers while magic, myth and real-life choices appeal to our independent young readers in a wide-ranging shortlist of visual storytelling and engaging storylines.

Created by Swedish-speaking Finnish author and illustrator Tove Jansson, the Moomins have been loved around the world since 1945. Moominworld books and comics celebrate imagination, tolerance, humor, friendliness, and independence.

With that in mind, we decided that this year's summer reader poll should be all about keeping kids occupied. We asked you to tell us about your favorite kids' books, from board books for babies to great read-alouds to early chapter books and even a few books for older readers. And thousands of you answered.

This year brought an interesting twist. Since many books on the list have both authors and illustrators, we eventually decided that authors could appear only once, but we didn't mind seeing illustrators again. (Hello, Christian Robinson and Vashti Harrison!) And generally, when someone appeared more than once in the nominations, we went with whichever title was more popular with voters (so Kevin Henkes' Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse beat out Kitten's First Full Moon).

We hope you and the kids in your life will have as much fun poring through this list as we had putting it together! We had a blast recalling old favorites and discovering new classics (and a shoutout to our gracious judges, who let me sneak in one of my all-time childhood faves, Paul Goble's gorgeous The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses).

Not a lot of brand-new books make it into these lists, but our judges felt that Gaia Cornwall's sweet, engaging story of a little boy conquering his fear of the high jump would stand the test of time. If you've ever stood at the edge of that board looking down at the deep end, Jabari Jumps is the book for you. (For ages 4 to 8)

"I'm not meant to be like you; you're not meant to be like me," writes actor and author Grace Byers. "Sometimes we will get along, and sometimes we will disagree." But as kids will learn from I Am Enough, like the sun, we're all here to shine. (For ages 4 to 8)

Based on the Oscar-winning short film, this lovely story of a dad learning to do his daughter's hair, which "kinks, coils and curves every which way," will leave you sniffling fondly. Creator Matthew Cherry told NPR he was inspired by friends of his who are young fathers, and "they're all willing to do whatever it takes for their young girls." (For ages 4 to 8)

Amos McGee is a zookeeper, and a kind and punctual fellow. He's always on the same bus every morning, and he always has time to visit his animal friends. But one day, he wakes up with a cold and decides to stay in bed, so his worried animal friends jump on the bus to visit him. A lovely, gentle story about what friends can do for each other. (For ages 3 to 6)

You guys voted in a lot of Robert McCloskey books! But the judges felt Blueberries for Sal was the most compelling read. Sal and her mother head to Blueberry Hill to pick berries for canning; meanwhile a mother bear and her cub are fattening themselves for winter on the other side of the hill, and mix-ups ensue. First published in 1948, this tale of two mothers, two children and a bucket of blueberries is still charming young readers. (For ages 3 to 7)

You can't have a kids' books list without Dav Pilkey. So here comes Dog Man: Half dog, half cop, this gruff crime fighter is here to sniff out wrongdoing, especially when it involves his nemesis Petey the Cat, who cooks up crimes in his secret cat lab. (For ages 7 and up)

Yup, it really doesn't have any pictures. But, as author B.J. Novak points out, "Here is how books work: Everything the words say, the person reading the book has to say." And we bet the kids in your life will love making you say things like "BLORK" or "My only friend in the whole wide world is a hippo named BOO BOO BUTT" or "BADOONGYFACE!!!!" (For ages 5 to 8)

Amphibians, sport coats and lasting friendship. Over the course of four books, Frog and Toad go swimming and sledding, search for lost buttons, bake cookies, grow gardens and generally have fun together all year round. If only adult friendships were as simple and solid as Frog and Toad's! (For ages 4 to 8)

Junie B. Jones is almost 6 years old! And she's really excited about everything, especially spaghetti and meatballs. The B stands for Beatrice, by the way. This series made the American Library Association's list of 100 top banned or challenged books from 2000 to 2009; apparently, some grown-ups thought sassy, mouthy Junie wasn't a good role model. We disagree. (For ages 6 to 9)

Fans of Ballet Shoes and the Green Knowe books will love this tale of four sisters who go to spend their summer vacation in a cottage on the grounds of a grand mansion. Each sister has a unique, winning personality; young readers will finish the first book and want to spend more time with them. Luckily, there are four more Penderwicks books. (For ages 8 to 12)

The budding drama club kids in your life will love this trilogy about a small-town boy with big Broadway dreams. Nate Foster longs to get away from Jankburg, Pa., to star in a Broadway show (or even just see one). And then something amazing happens: There's an open casting call for a Broadway musical based on E.T. He just has to get there. (For ages 10 and up)

Please enjoy these great stories, fairy-tales, fables, and nursery rhymes for children. They help kids learn to readand make excellent bedtime stories! We have hundreds of great children's stories for you to share.

Looking for chapter books like TheWizard of Oz and TreasureIsland? Enjoy our collection of chapter Books for Young ReadersYou might also like our whimsical Children's Poems, Yummy Stories and for learn-to-read fun, Pre-K Wordplay!Return to American Literature Home Page

These classic stories are captivating for kids of all ages, and this edition is perfect for them because it has lots of pictures. They teach valuable lessons like dealing with bullying, what it means to have a good heart, and how to overcome obstacles.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter) is considered one of the best books for kids. It has been in print since 1902, and its popularity has never waned. The story revolves around a mischievous rabbit that gets into all sorts of trouble with his family, friends, and neighbors.

All the stories follow the adventures and struggles that four kids have in an enchanted world while they go on a quest to free themselves from the evil White Witch who has cast them there. Along their journey, they learn about courage, friendship, loyalty, and bravery which help shape their character for years to come.

This book is a great read for kids. It has an exciting plot and teaches children about horses. Set in England during the 1800s, the story follows the life of a horse named Black Beauty from his birth to his death. The book is narrated from the point of view of the horse himself. He recounts his life from his birth to his old age, telling how he was passed from person to person as an unwanted pet.

If you want to introduce your kids to the world of literature, then one of the books that is a classic and will set them on their way is Little Women. If you are looking for a book with strong female characters who deal with real-life problems, this book has it all. The story follows Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy as they grow up during the American Civil War while trying to find their own identities outside of what society expects from women. 041b061a72


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