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[S10E12] Show Of Force

In the earlier incarnations of The Walking Dead, the show made big, bold moves, whether they fit with the continuity of the comic book or not. Owing to instability behind the scenes, and actors wishing to move onto other work, The Walking Dead was no stranger to killing off major characters when it fit the story they were trying to tell.

[S10E12] Show of Force

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The Dateable podcast is an insider's look into modern dating that the Huffington post calls one of the top ten podcast about love and sex. On each episode, we'll talk to real daters about. From sex parties to sex droughts, date fails a diaper fetishes and first moves to first loves. I'm your host Yue Xu, former dating coach turned dating sociologists. You also hear from my co host and producer Julie Krafchick as we explored this crazy dateable world. Hey everyone welcome to another episode of dateable a show all about a modern dating in the time of Corona virus. I HAVE NO IDEA. I guess like our Fifth Week. No I think it's more a I feel like we just hit them on mark while at least in San Francisco. I think we went into lockdown mid March as right around whenever Saint Patrick's Day was. Yeah so it's like yeah. I think we're in our fifth week. Now that's six week and six week. I don't even know how to read a calendar anymore. What are these numbers? Oh Yeah you're right. We are going into our six week. Yeah I don't know I feel like up until now I've been doing okay but we this week. I've been having a really hard time and I think it's just because it feels. I felt like there was a momentary light at the end of the tunnel of not sure. If that's happening anytime soon again I keep going in waves like that. So what what spend bothering you this week just that. I just don't know when this is ever going to end. I think it's like the unknown like I think when it felt like there is a plan starting to come into case but we had like a really badly. Yeah and even if we go back to civilization. We can't go back immediately. I just feel like the longer we can stay in corn teen. The more will get time back later in the year. We're just like trying to buy time. That's how I see this. I feel like this will get extended for another two or three weeks but that also means I think we will have a pretty good summer and then we'll probably have shelter in place again in the fall. Yeah I don't know I feel like every day it's like someone else throwing out a new theory. So yeah it's just I know everyone's krona expert at I know but I think it's all a mindset. It's what you believe to be the solution or the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel like for me. The weather has been getting much warmer lately. Which makes me feel really good. Yeah for shut like once a season start changing. It just feels like life is going on. That makes me happy but I agree. That uncertainty definitely is sitting a little uneasy with everyone. This is the thing with what's happening right now. You're GONNA have ups. And you're going to have down's however you feel today you're not going to feel the same way tomorrow and I think you're feeling that ebb and flow of your normal emotions whoever's feeling like they're in a rough spot right now. You're definitely not alone. I think this is getting harder and harder for me in particular. This whole week has been about loss for me. I lost my GRANDPA on Wednesday. And it's been really tough because you we couldn't say goodbye to him or even just see him because he's in a nursing home in Beijing and my family has not been able to see him since last. Yeah so I think romy at this feeling of loss is really amplified. It's not just loss of life but also lost. I think people are feeling loss of jobs. Law Out time loss of freedom caucus theme is really resonating in. It's also amplified this week. And what can we do during this time to deal with these feelings and to me Julie? Honestly I think instead of suppressing them I need them to to just come out. Yeah I mean I think like first of all. I'm very sorry your grandfather like it's so hard right now I think lake it's me it's on that scale and we also talked to someone. We didn't interview this week about someone that was just dealing with like a break-up during this time right and I both of those right it's again on different scales but it's the reality that life hasn't stopped like your grandfather wasn't affected by Cova nineteen but doesn't make this any harder to like. Get through right now and I think like we're all expected to be like this is the one thing we're focused on. The reality is like we have lives and we have emotions that have nothing to do with cove nineteen so it's like everything kind of suppressed at once. His can be very difficult and just know that. Don't force yourself to try to be positive. I think there's no harm in just feeling your feelings. Let THEM BUBBLE UP. Let them home out. Let them surface. This is the fact is we're going into week six or we think we're going into week six of shelter in place if you're not feeling like you did last week. Then join the club. But we're here to support each other and help each other and really find that our facebook group. Julie has has been a great support system for many for sure and I think like that comes in to this week's episode.

We were really excited when Mark Manson. Who's a really popular? You guys probably have heard from the fuck ya or fuck no article. That was kind of like the Bible of dating for so long. I think this whole episode has really been. I mean. It's based off his new audible original calls. Love is not enough and it really makes you look at like romantic partnerships and relationships in your life and sometimes to his point. Love is not enough like there's other things there's other factors and editor for me. I've also just been trying to figure out a relationship in my life and I think this quarantine has been really good to have the self-reflection what is it. You really want. Have Things Changed Enough? Are you the right person for them? And are they the right person for you all of this and I think just like having the self reflection time like I know a lot of people have been just scared that. We're you know the dating time has been lost in I. We talked about this in our past episode the quarantine from Fuck Boys with Shalam Lester that despite its funny name actually at a lot of really good insights and also on today's episode. Is that this time like we can use this for self reflection. We can use this for bettering ourselves so when we go back into the world's we come out as stronger people knowing what we really want. And what's important to us in a partnership and I think for me to like this has given light like remaking finding a partnership a priority for me. I think like the wanted a partnership but I don't think I've made it a priority since my last break up and I think it's really shown me that I do want that partner in my life and I don't WanNa keep going through life necessarily on my own even though I can go through my own. I think it's been cut a self assuring to know that I can take care of myself during this time. But just because you can't doesn't mean that's what you want so it's really. How do I start putting that out into the world in finding that partnership that I really will make me happy? So it's fighting that you've found the clarity that you want someone who's a partner for you in your life. It's almost like you're ready to have to allow the space for someone else in your life in that capacity and not just like a casual person not casual on the sense of like. I think I'm past like a casual sex type of mentality in general but like casual dating. I want someone that's all in at this point and that to me is number one. So that's what you should be putting out in the universe. Julie Su finding a partner finding a partner. Who's all in exactly exactly and I think lake in this time it's like become even more clear. That Lake Life is short. And you know you gotTa make the most of everything like work towards. What's the most important things toward you? Yeah so what do you think is a first step to putting that out in the universe I mean I think it's like just as a full caveat. I'm working through something right now. So it's it's still unclear if this will be something that we pursue but I think it's really getting clarity of like. Are we both really in the place to be all in on this in a foreign not like putting to rest for good in like being free of this to move into something that is that person so? I'm not saying that that's not this person but I need to get that clarity and not let it keep drawing out so I think that's the biggest thing. Well yeah this is the perfect time to work through that. But also not get your feelings muddled because of the lockdown yet and. I think that's something that we've heard from people. The love in the time of Corona Group also is that sometimes. We're hearing that people are coming back into people's lives because of just loneliness and boredom in like we had one person say like women. I went on a couple dates with came back and I don't trust the feelings are genuine. And in that case like you really do need to trust your intuition. I don't think it's all bad if someone comes back into your life right now because I think the time has shedding what I was saying is like a Lotta people refocusing reprioritising relationships so maybe someone did genuinely feel like they made a mistake. But I also think you know when someone's coming back it's just like they have nothing better to be doing and all of that. Yeah and also you WANNA see how they show up if they're coming back in there showing up the exact same way they did last time that you know that this isn't it has nothing to do with you. It's just their needs. But if someone shows up differently than this is a different chapter right and I think the episode that we have coming up for you guys I mean. Honestly this is probably one of my favorite episodes. We've ever done so will keep this intro relatively shore. Because you know let's just get to it but I think mark is just so insightful in terms of relationships and he really doesn't sugarcoat anything and I think there's like so many romantic comedies books and whatever it may be that says like love is all you need. 041b061a72


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