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Final Cut Pro 7 Serial Number Cracker

I didn't do anything special for the install. I just used my Final Cut Studio install discs. Running the first CD initiated the install screen I submitted a screenshot of in my first post. I chose to install all the programs in the Final Cut Studio package, though it gives you the option to select/deselect any program. The process took 2-3 hours, with the install software periodically asking me to insert the next disc (I think there are 7 in total). Once that was done, I opened FCP and entered my serial number. It seemed to be running properly, so I backed up my computer and then downloaded the 7.0.3 update that I link to above. When I tried to run it, I got a message saying it was from an unidentified developer, so I had to go to my security system preferences and "Allow anyway" to get it to run (or there is a terminal command you can use). The update installed quickly, and when I launched FCP again, all was good. Before I posted here, I watched this YouTube video by Will Moindrot showing him installing FCP7 on Sierra and it running smoothly, which gave me hope in the first place. As for whether or not it is currently (and will continue) operating seamlessly, that I cannot answer. But there's no harm in giving it a shot.

Final Cut Pro 7 Serial Number Cracker



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