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Dvr Software Download Windows 7

Hikvision DVR Software Download: Here you can Hikvision DVR software download for free. Hikvision DVR software downloads for windows 7/8/10 and all versions of MAC OS. is one of the best CCTV camera brands all over the world and it provides so many good software for their users to manage the CCTV camera system. If you are looking for Hikvision DVR download then you can download it from the given link below. This software is for all kind of Hikvision DVR. Using this software you can watch your CCTV camera on your PC as well as you can manage the DVR and camera settings.

dvr software download windows 7


Here is the link available for the Hikvision DVR software download. Using these links you can download the Hikvision software. If you have the MAC computer then you can also download the software for your MAC PC. After downloading the setup file of the software you may also see the configuration of this software in order to get your CCTV cameras on your computer.

This the software provided by the Hikvision CCTV brand for their DVR users. The main use of this software is to watch your CCTV cameras on your computer. By using this software you may also manage your all kind of DVR settings. So if you have a Hikvision CCTV camera system and you want to watch these on your computer then this software takes care of all kinds of your requirements.

Here you can download the setup file of the software and watch your CCTV cameras on your computer. The downloaded file will be in the compressed format and before installing the file you may need to extract the setup file of the software. To do this you may use the Winrar software. The setup file is also available for MAC users.

This software has multiple options, including live monitoring, CCTV recording, remote search and playback, backup, alarm management, user management, connect access control, video door systems, security control, biometric, etc.

After finishing the installation process, you can find an icon named IVMS-4200 on your desktop screen. Just double click on that and the next screen comes to you asking for making a username and the password for the DVR software.

Put admin in the username and a desired password in the password box. Click on the Login button. The next screen will ask you for some security questions and their answer. Select the question of what you want and answer these as per your choice. These questions and answers will help you when you forget the password of your Hikvision DVR software.

Here you can find some different methods for adding your DVR into the software called adding mode, you may choose one of them according to your need but keep in mind that what adding method is on your DVR and you have to choose the same one.

Here we explained how you can see your Hikvision CCTV cameras on your computer. This configuration is for Windows users. You can apply the same method for your MAC computer. The Hikvision DVR software is very nice software in order to monitor and configure your CCTV cameras on your PC. In this software, you can add any other device manufactured by the Hikvision like NVR, IP camera, attendance machine, access control, etc.

The following are the most up to date DVR viewer and other surveillance system software downloads. CCTV Camera Pros specializes in supplying DVR security systems that include Windows and Mac viewer software, as well as mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Please refer to the below links for for information on the latest DVR / NVR that CCTV Camera Pros recommends. Viewtron has become CCTV Camera Pros most recommended and best selling stand alone surveillance DVR. We also have Viewtron IP camera NVRs that use the same software and apps.

Again, our Viewtron video surveillance product line is our best selling and most recommended equipment at this time. If you need to download software and apps from our other and legacy product lines, please use these links.

CCTV Camera Pros recently launched the latest iDVR-PRO CCTV DVRs. These DVRs include software for Mac and Windows PCs. They also include mobile apps for iOS and Android. In our testing, the iDVR-PRO has some of the best client software applications available. Learn more about iDVR-PRO and the software applications that are included here or download below.

CCTV Camera Pros is the exclusive supplier of Viewtron CCTV / HD-SDI DVRs. Viewtron DVRs include some of the best DVR viewer applications available for Windows and Mac computers. Click on the below images to view demonstration videos and screen shots of the Viewtron DVR software in action and learn more about the 1080p high definition video support.

Viewtron hybrid DVRs support D1 CCTV resolution (720 x 480) when used with traditional analog CCTV cameras and full 1080p HD resolution when used with HD-SDI CCTV cameras. The below images can be used to compare CCTV vs. HD-SDI. Also note, Viewtron CCTV DVRs and hybrid HD-SDI models can be viewed and managed together using the CMS software that is included for free.

The Windows-based iVMS-4200 is a versatile client software application for Hikvision video surveillance, access control and video intercom systems. There are modules for live view, playback, event management, e-maps, attendance and smart device data reporting, such as people counting, queue analysis, heat mapping, license plate recognition and facial recognition. The client software is widely applied to small-scale projects. Each client installation is configured, maintained and operated independently. The client software is free to download and use, and support is available for free.

iVMS-4200 Video Wall Client is a Hikvision video wall management software. A video wall consists of one to many monitors being driven by a Hikvision decoder or video wall controller. Many video channels from multiple sources can be displayed on many monitors simultaneously using the purpose-built decoders, which eliminates the need for multiple high-end workstations This software facilitates video wall configuration and manipulation including PTZ control, camera switching, scene saving and switching, alarm triggered display on video wall, and freeform roaming windows.

ActiveX controls are small apps that allow websites to provide content such as videos and games. They also let you interact with content like toolbars and stock tickers when you browse the web. However, these apps can sometimes malfunction, or give you content that you don't want. In some cases, these apps might be used to collect info from your PC, damage info on your PC, install software on your PC without your agreement, or let someone else control your PC remotely.

Internet Explorer might not be set up to download or run ActiveX controls for security reasons. Changing some advanced security settings will let you download, install, or run the control, but your PC might be more vulnerable to security threats. Only change advanced ActiveX settings if you're sure about increasing the level of risk to your PC.

iVMS-4200 series software tools are designed to configure and manage Hikvision devices in a unified and intuitive manner, including DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras, IPD, DVS, alarm and access control devices, and storage devices, providing functionalities like live view, playback, device parameter configuration, and more.

Advanced Systems Format (.asf)The Advanced Systems Format (ASF) is the preferred Windows Media file format. With Windows Media Player, if the appropriate codecs are installed on your computer, you can play audio content, video content, or both, that is compressed with a wide variety of codecs and that is stored in an .asf file. Additionally, you can stream audio and video content with Windows Media Services, or you can package that content with Windows Media Rights Manager.ASF is an extensible file format that stores synchronized multimedia data. It supports data delivery over a wide variety of networks and protocols. It is also suitable for local playback. ASF supports advanced multimedia capabilities including extensible media types, component download, scalable media types, author-specified stream prioritization, multiple language support, and extensive bibliographic capabilities that include document and content management.Typically, ASF files that contain audio content that is compressed with the Windows Media Audio (WMA) codec use the .wma extension. Similarly, ASF files that contain audio content, video content, or both, that is compressed with Windows Media Audio (WMA) and Windows Media Video (WMV) codecs use the .wmv extension. Finally, content that is compressed with any other codec use the generic .asf extension. For more information about ASF, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

In Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition, Microsoft introduced the *.dvr-ms file format for storing recorded TV content. Similar to *.asf files, *.dvr-ms file enhancements permit key Personal Video Recorder (PVR) functionality, including time-shifting, live pause, and simultaneous record and playback. Video contained in a *.dvr-ms file is encoded as MPEG-2 video stream, and the audio contained in the *.dvr-ms file is encoded as MPEG-1 Layer II audio stream.To play back unprotected *.dvr-ms files on Windows XP-based computers, you must have the following software and hardware components:

Windows Media Download (WMD) packages combine Windows Media Player skin borders, playlist information, and multimedia content in a single downloadable file that uses a .wmd extension. A .wmd package can include a whole album of music videos that also displays advertising in the form of graphical branding and links to an online music retailer Web site.To download a .wmd package from a Web site, click the link to the package. When the package is downloaded to your computer, Windows Media Player automatically extracts the files that are contained in the package, adds the playlists in the package, adds the content to Media Library, displays the border skin in theNow Playing pane of Windows Media Player (in full mode), and then plays the first item in the playlist. For more information about .wmd files, visit the following Microsoft Web site:


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