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Buy Chocolate Online Bulk

Guylian Chocolate The History of Guylian ChocolateGuylian is a Belgian chocolate company that is known around the world as the creator of the original chocolate Seashells. The company was created in 1958 by a young chocolatier Guy and his wife Liliane. They combined...

buy chocolate online bulk

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A vast array of the finest culinary chocolates & couvertures produced, on top of award-winning bean to bar alike chocolate bars, pieces and gifting options. Both direct to your doorstep as well as large volume fulfillment. Please contact with questions

Discover premium bulk chocolate from Ghirardelli. Whether you are stocking up on bulk chocolate squares for a large event or sourcing delicious chocolate ingredients for your restaurant or other business, Ghirardelli offers a wide assortment of high quality wholesale chocolates. Bulk chocolate offers the best value and convenience for corporate gifts, parties, events, or simply refilling the office candy jar. Our wholesale chocolate selection includes our signature chocolate squares, as well as baking supplies such as bulk chocolate chips, baking bars, and bulk chocolate sauce. Deliver joy to satisfied customers with chocolate cookies, brownies, cakes, and other confections featuring our bulk baking chocolate products.

Ghirardelli makes all of our premium chocolate products in the U.S. and controls the entire chocolate-making process from bean to bar. Our commitment to ultimate quality results in the intense, smooth-melting taste our customers have come to know and love. Share the sophisticated flavor of decadent milk, dark, and white chocolate featuring our best-selling flavors, such as buttery caramel and crunchy sea salt almond. When you purchase our premium chocolate products in bulk, you benefit from our cost-saving wholesale chocolate pricing. Browse our wide assortment of scrumptious chocolates and find the right products for your personal or business needs.

Indulge in a variety of Island flavors in this delightful combination. Luscious layers of toasted coconut, crunchy toffee and creamy milk chocolate, are wrapped around buttery macadamias, and then delicately dusted with cocoa powder.

Share the spirit of aloha with this inspiring collection. Our signature dry-roasted macadamias smothered in decadent chocolate and our crisped rice-infused Macnut Crunch are all individually wrapped, ready to be gifted or shared at any occasion.

Revel in the new taste of paradise! Hawaiian honey is the star ingredient in this delectable pairing. Premium macadamias are glazed with rich Hawaiian honey, coated in creamy milk chocolate, and then dusted with powdered sugar.

Enjoy this beloved Island favorite on the go! A satisfying crunch in every mouthwatering bite, our MacNut Crunch is crafted with dry-roasted macadamias and crisped rice covered in rich milk chocolate.

Consider our AlohaMacs collection an edible postcard from paradise! Featuring our finest macadamias coated in our silky, hand-crafted milk chocolate, this Island original makes a delightful souvenir for everyone on your gift list.

It's not called "the original chocolate-covered macadamia" for nothing. Our secret? Premium, hand-selected, whole and half macadamias are double-roasted, then coated with scrumptious milk chocolate. A beloved Hawaii classic, these delicious, chocolate-enrobed macadamias make a delightful gift from the Islands.

Consider our AlohaMacs collection an edible postcard from paradise! Featuring our finest macadamias coated in our silky, hand-crafted dark chocolate, this Island original makes a delightful souvenir for everyone on your gift list.

Rich, buttery caramel shares the spotlight with dry-roasted macadamias in this delicious indulgence. To make our famous Maui Caramacs, we smother macadamias in our custom-made caramel and then cover them in smooth milk chocolate. This one-layer, 6oz box (12 pieces) is perfect for sharing aloha with friends and family.

Coconut lovers rejoice! This dynamic island duo - aptly illustrated by playful coconut imagery against a backdrop of tropical florals - is sure to please. Rich milk chocolate finished with bits of toasted coconut just might whisk you away to your own island in the sun.

Hello sunshine! Like Hawaii's warm rays, our brightly hued illustration depicts the sunny feeling you'll get when taking a bite out of our luscious tropical bar. Creamy white chocolate complements sweet, dried mango and exotic passion fruit so much, it's like seeing snack time through rose-tinted shades.

Inspired by Maui's famed Road to Hana, our edible road to paradise also comes with an island twist! Macadamias roasted and seasoned with sea salt for flair - match with marshmallows and silky milk chocolate in this classic-meets-exotic treat.

Surfboards, sunnies, and seashells? We feel a party mix coming on - just add pretzels and a few nuts! Inspired by pau hana (the Islands' version of happy hour) among friends and ohana ("family" in Hawaiian), buttery, roasted macadamias and pretzel pieces pair well with our rich milk chocolate for a salty-sweet, universally loved treat.

Announcing the best way to bring a party to life. Yep. All Cocopotamus chocolate truffles are available in bulk. If you don't need the packaging, this is the perfect way to purchase Cocopotamus at a reduced price. Take Cocopotamus chocolate to brighten up a family reunion, office functions, add fun to a picnic, or to serve at your next BBQ. MINIMUM ORDER: 50 PCS

Say It with Gourmet ChocolateFancy chocolates always are a welcome gift, whether they are for wishing someone a happy holiday or birthday, sending get well wishes or congratulating someone on their new home. Want a unique way to express your esteem for friends and family? Send some of our delicious chocolates with sweet sentiments written on them, such as "Thank You," "I Love You," "Congrats" or "Happy Birthday." We've filled our inventory with everything from Belgium truffles and chocolate-covered nuts and fruits to cordials, sugar-free chocolate, gourmet chocolate bars, molds, bite-sized chocolate candies and more. You'll recognize some of the most highly regarded chocolate brands in the world, such as Godiva, Guylian and Camille Bloch, just to name a few. Have someone with a great sense of humor on your gift-giving list? Send them a whimsical "Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate" bar or a chocolate syringe shot filled with luscious chocolate. Looking for chocolate ideas, recipes and more chocolate fun? Check out our blog, which provides some creative ideas you can use to incorporate chocolate candy into a party or special event. Chocolate Treats - Just for Kids! Don't forget the kids on your list. We have novelty chocolates that will definitely make them smile. Try our chocolate-shaped cars and trucks and our "Choco-Aid" chocolate bandage box. If you're looking for a chocolate smash cake that is perfect for a first birthday celebration for a boy or girl, we offer some of the most creative, fun cakes that they'll love to (literally) dive into. Of course, those young-at-heart grownups can enjoy these chocolate goodies, too! Sugar-Free Chocolate and Celebratory Treats If you're looking for something a bit more health-conscious, make sure to explore our massive assortment of bulk sugar-free chocolate. Every bit as beautiful and great tasting as the traditional stuff, this sugarless chocolate will help you make treats, favors and displays that are a bit friendlier to dieters or those with diabetes. We also have kosher chocolates designed to celebrate specific holidays, including chocolate roses for Valentine's Day, halva for the High Holy Days, chocolate-covered dried fruit for Passover and colored chocolate candies for Christmas, Fourth of July, St. Patrick's Day and much more! Budget-Conscious Wholesale Chocolate With our chocolate, bulk purchasing makes staying within your budget super simple. Additionally, Oh! Nuts offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our chocolates, as well as bulk discounts and free shipping to sweeten this already-sweet deal. Whether you're a commercial baker with a well-oiled bakery or a devoted hobbyist, you'll surely find that Oh! Nuts is the best place to buy chocolate online. For your convenience, we have many beautifully packaged boxes, platters, crystal pedestals and more that are ready to be gifted. For our crafty DIYers, our bulk chocolate is ready for you to package in your own unique way. We hope that you'll think of Oh! Nuts when you want to buy chocolate that is out of this world - whether for yourself and for friends and family. As we say here: Keep it fun, keep it fresh, keep it phenomenal!

Buying chocolate online has never been easier. From boxes to gifts, there's something delectable for chocolate lovers of all sorts. Place your order today. Couldn't find what you were looking for? Try taking a look at some our most popular collections in Bestsellers, Boxed Chocolates, or See All of our collection.

All online orders are shipped FedEx and contain dry ice and/or gel packs. Your cookie dough will arrive cool and should be placed in the refrigerator or freezer immediately. If your cookie dough arrives frozen, please feel free to leave it at room temp for 15-20 minutes in order for it to thaw. Refrigerate or freeze after opening.

All online orders are final and non-refundable. Because our cookie dough is perishable, we are unable to offer returns or exchanges. We do not offer refunds/exchanges based on customer flavor preference.

Chocolate Melts Coffee Gummies Jelly Belly Taffy Snacks Sprinkles Chocolate Melts Because everything is better when it is covered in chocolate, we carry a full line of Merckens melting chocolate wafers that are great for dipping, chocolate fountains and candy making. Perfect for weddings, showers, birthdays, school functions and more. Choose from traditional milk, dark and white chocolate to any of the several colors we carry to make your event a little sweeter! 041b061a72


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