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Educating Minds and Hearts


About Us

Little Oaks Montessori Kindergarten was founded in the year 2000 and has developed a loyal following amongst many families in Singapore looking for a dynamic and nurturing environment for their little ones.

We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality programme through our established team of dedicated teachers. All our staff are approved and registered with the Early Childhood Development Agency and are certified and trained in Child First Aid.

Little Oaks offers a learning environment which enables every child to fulfil their unique potential.


Little Oaks Montessori Kindergarten follows and upholds the values common to Montessori schools around the world. With international standard teacher training, quality equipment and a nurturing environment, we adhere exclusively to the Montessori philosophy of child education.

In a Montessori environment, the child is in control of his or her activity. Children can choose whom they’d like to interact with, and when they wish to do each activity (the latter with some direction to enable group activities). Each child is provided with opportunities to explore and the freedom to make individual choices on a daily basis, thus building confidence and independence.

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