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Enrichment Programmes

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Wednesday 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Little Oaks has partnered with Kick Off and Island City to conduct a weekly soccer programme. Soccer sessions are conducted by coaches Jerry and Rock. They played in the National and professional league in Singapore. The
coaches have 15 years of experience coaching children and youth in Singapore. Their soccer programme is well structured, organised, focused on technique and building age-appropriate skills for the game.


Fridays, 12:15pm to 1:15pm

Little Oaks has partnered with Chamelo Kidz Academy to conduct a weekly hip-hop dance programme. They provide children a platform to bring out their imagination and express their emotions through dance. These classes are a great way to introduce dance and movement to children. They focus on down beat, groovy body movements, and nifty footwork. The children have fun and build their confidence at the same time.

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The Drama Playhouse

Monday or Friday 12:30pm to 1:30pm


Little Oaks has partnered with The Drama Playhouse to conduct a weekly speech and drama programme. It is facilitated by Tiffany who is an advocate for the power of play and imagination. Her love for the theatre and dramatic arts add a great deal of fun to a classroom which she values as a safe space for all children to collaborate, create, challenge and connect.

The Drama Playhouse provides quality drama education through the use of poetry. storytelling, and literature enabling each child to develop emotionally, socially and creatively. Through language development, imaginative
play and confidence building, it’s carefully structured and stimulating programmes provide our little ones with a captivating educational experience each week!

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