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Medical Policy and Covid19 Measures

Children who are unwell with fever, chesty persistent cough, runny nose with green /yellow mucus or any other contagious illness such as HFMD, chicken pox, diarrhoea or vomiting are to stay away from school and will require a ‘fit for school note’ from a doctor before returning to school. Children presenting only mild symptoms such as a sight runny nose will not require a doctor's note but need to be symptom free for 24hours before returning to school. 

Please update the school if you have a household member who has been sent for a COVID 19 swab test or issued with a 5 day MC for Acute Respiratory Illness (ARI), Home Quarantine Order (HQO) or Stay home Notice (SHN)  Children with a household member who has been sent for a COVID19 swab test or issued with a 5 day MC for an Acute Respiratory illness ,HQO or SHN will be issued a Leave of Absence (LOA) aligned to the period of the affected household member.  Any child with an older sibling who has been told by any authority to stay away from school due to an outbreak of Covid19 at their institution will have to stay home and comply with the directives given.  Please update the school if you have travelled or plan to travel this term.

The school will continue to do the following:  Maintain health checks upon arrival and throughout the day  Remind children to wash their hands regularly and to wear their masks/faceshield.  Change masks that are damaged or soiled  Practice safe distancing during class and routines  Disinfect materials twice a day  Disinfect toilets, tables and playground equipment regularly throughout the day

Personal Data Protection Act

Little Oaks strives to ensure that we protect your personal information that we collect from time to time.


In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act we would like to seek your consent on the following: 

  • Use your mobile number and name in your child's class contact list.

  • Include you in a class WhatsApp chat group . Your details will be deleted once your child is no longer at the school. All other information given to the school upon registration and on forms that may be issued when needed will be kept strictly confidential. 


The school will continue to update our measures and systems in place to ensure that your personal data is secure and protected . If you would like to opt out of being included in your child's class list and WhatsApp group please email the school and we will follow up accordingly to ensure that your contact number and name is not circulated.

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