Little Oaks Montessori is a trilingual (English, Mandarin and French) preschool that accommodates children aged from two and a half to six years old in four class groups - Playgroup, Starters 1, Starters 2 and Kindergarten.  We are an established Montessori preschool that works on a healthy child-teacher ratio that promotes early education and self-confidence. We offer places on a part or full-time basis throughout the year. We use tried and tested Montessori methods that take into account the latest research in child development. We have a dedicated team of staff that are committed to high quality care and work alongside a variety of allied professionals and families to ensure that each child reaches their full potential.

Diverse learning environments

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  • A safe and cosy environment for children aged two and a half to four years old.

  • Flexibility on the number of days your child attends -sessions are three hours long either in the morning or afternoons. Children are offered a minimum of twice a week and can add on more days throughout the year depending on availability.

  • A small child-to-teacher ratio that allows individual attention and small group activities to promote and develop language, creative, mathematic, cognitive, physical, personal and social skills

  • Activities are designed to promote independence and confidence with simple routines to establish structure and stability which is so important for our little ones.

  • Children are introduced to numbers, letters, colours, shapes and various other topics.

  • We introduce activities that encourage sensory exploration and develop curiosity.

  • Plenty of time for outdoor play in our beautiful garden where children are encouraged to develop a sense of wonder about nature and the world we live in.

  • Toilet training is completed in this class group before moving to our Starters programme.


Ms Esshana

Esshana has a background in preschool education and counselling. She is a bundle of energy and brings lots of fun and laughter to the team. She loves music and movement and her animated nature bring stories to life for our little ones during story time. Esshana is also an animal lover who loves to volunteer at animal shelters in her spare time.



Starters 1

  • Children aged three to four years attend a daily three-hour programme Monday to Friday -an option to extend hours till 1.45pm is given to those who attend the morning session.

  • A small teacher child ratio allows for attention to detail while developing fundamental listening and learning skills.

  • A spacious and engaging environment that provides opportunities for floor work and table work for young learners that encourages the development of fine and gross motor skills as well as exploration and inquiry.

  • Learning areas encourage paired and small group learning which develop skills needed for peer cooperation and friendship building.

  • Children are introduced to phonics and early Montessori curriculum work in preparation for later formal learning.

  • A variety of optional enrichment activities are offered to our Starters 1, Starters 2 and Kindergarten programme. These programmes are provided by external vendors who have been carefully selected by the school to complement our Montessori curriculum and provide a holistic learning experience for your child - find out more about our enrichment programmes.


Ms Angel 

Senior Teacher

Angel’s warm and gentle nature makes her the perfect fit to lead our younger cohort. She is extremely creative and prepares beautiful resources to entice our young learners. Her lovely smile at the gate each day ensures that each child is acknowledged and receives a warm welcome to school each day.

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Starters 2

  • Children aged four to five years old attend a daily three-hour programme with most staying until 1.45pm at least 3 days a week.

  • Individual attention is given to each child to develop and learn with a small group ratio of two teachers to fifteen children.

  • More structure is incorporated into our daily curriculum as we prepare the children for early reading and writing activities.

  • Numeracy lessons involve concrete activities that develop number awareness and concepts in preparation for work in the decimal system.

  • Teachers place emphasis on making learning fun and encourage literacy through the use of Montessori language materials, games, books and a literacy rich environment.

  • We encourage curiosity through cultural studies and science topics presented through hands on activities. The children begin to record their knowledge through print, art and oral presentations.

  • We introduce our young learners to our LEAD values to promote pro-social skills and an appreciation and respect for others. We develop and encourage leadership and the pursuit of their special interests.


Ms Zarina

Senior Teacher

Rina has many years of preschool teaching experience and enjoys the organic and practical approach to Montessori education. She is a dedicated teacher who loves sports, watching documentaries and cheering on our little ones during soccer on Wednesdays!


Ms Jennifer

Senior Teacher

Jennifer is a well-loved teacher who has taught in many Montessori schools island wide.  She is a very generous and resourceful teacher who loves creating fun science activities for her class and sharing the vast range of Montessori materials she has acquired over the years with the school. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, keeping fit and going on nature walks with her young family.

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  • Children aged five to six years old are placed in two classes of 8 children on the second floor of our school building.

  •  All children attend daily with most staying till 1.45pm.

  • More group learning and structure occurs at this stage. Due to our small teacher-child ratio an individual approach is still incorporated throughout our day to cater to the specific learning needs of each child.

  • We work closely with families to ensure that our students are prepared for their transition to ‘big school’ and any concerns identified are addressed early and given the necessary support.

  • Children take part in brainstorming and planning what they learn each term. We keep our curriculum dynamic to remain relevant and ensure our young learners are invested in what we introduce in class.

  • Children are encouraged to write and record evidence to show their respective learning and understanding of the topics introduced in class.

  • Our environment encourages creativity, problem solving and thinking ‘outside the box.’

  • Group projects enhance peer learning and encourage a community spirit amongst students to become global learners.

  • Our LEAD values system continues to develop leadership skills and gives each child an opportunity to shine. This gives them the confidence to take on new challenges with a positive outlook and builds emotional maturity and resilience.

  • We keep the children connected through an interactive whiteboard and have access to various digital platforms that extend learning.


Ms Ashraf

Ashraf leads our Kindergarten team and has taught in many established preschools in Singapore. She specialises in preparing our older cohort with the fundamental skills needed for a successful transition into ‘big’ school. In her spare time, she loves reading, needlework and writing poetry.

Senior Teacher

Ms Anu


Anu has taught in various Montessori schools and International schools in Singapore and abroad. She is a trained practitioner in Homeopathic medicine as well as a first aid instructor at Red Cross Singapore. Anu loves creating spaces that encourage curiosity and inquiry. She is also a music lover who brings her love of music into the classroom through song and dance.


Our Founding Principal

Ms Felicia​

Principal and Founder

Felicia is the founder and Principal of Little Oaks Montessori. She has been an early childhood educator for more than 20 years and is also trained in counselling and special needs education. She is passionate about creating a positive learning environment and enjoys keeping in touch with families who have been a part of the Little Oaks Community.


Lead Mandarin Teacher

Lin Laoshi

Lin Laoshi is from China and heads our mandarin programme and teaches our older cohort. She is an experienced and passionate teacher who remains committed to developing a love for the Chinese language and culture in young children. She has inspired her daughter to pursue a degree in early childhood education and will often encourage her daughters to volunteer their time at the school. 


Xin Laoshi

Mandarin Teacher

Xin Laoshi is our kind and gentle natured mandarin teacher who works with our younger cohort.  Her lessons are always lively - she enjoys engaging our little ones through music, stories and games. Our little ones are always up on their feet learning mandarin through play and interactive fun!

Our Mandarin Teachers

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